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Welcome to the
Dictionary of Dreams

Here you will find over 10,000 interpretations of many symbols which may appear in your dreams. Use the alphabetical index to find the things which appeared in your dream and read possible explanations for the meanings behind these symbols.

Using the dictionary

Look up all of the things which appear in your dream, whether they played a major part or a trivial part. The more detail you can remember, the more accurate the interpretation will be. Think whether each symbol played a positive or negative part in the dream. Many symbols can represent the opposite of the initial interpretation depending on how they appear in the dream. Be aware of things that have a significant meaning to you, these may have a different meaning to the traditional interpretation. Be aware of symbols that appear in a different context in the dream. This may also affect the interpretation. Also remember that many dream interpretations (including most found in this dictionary) were written over a hundred years ago, and the significance of some symbols may have changed over the years.

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